Behind the Scenes at Joint Venture Jewelry

If you’re familiar with Joint Venture Jewelry, you know that we release a collection of New Arrivals every couple of weeks. What you may not be aware of, however, is the process in which each consignment piece goes through before it makes it into our showcases and eventually into our magnificent clients’ homes.  As seen in the video below, Proprietor Lee Hankin demonstrates the cleaning process as he readies each and every consignment piece for its close-up.

The process starts once a client schedules an appointment to discuss the consignment process. Ideally, the pieces are left with Joint Venture Jewelry to sell, and the cleaning process begins. Most pieces are buffed, polished, cleaned thoroughly in the Ultra Sonic and steamed with a high-pressure steamer. Others require a bit more work, such as beloved vintage pieces needing restoration. The pieces then go to our jeweler where they are carefully worked on, resulting in unbelievably expert work.

Once each piece is squeaky clean and sparkling to its fullest potential, it goes into further inspection where it is graded (carat, color and clarity), and any other information that can be obtained from the inspection is recorded (karat gold, time period, country of origin). From there the pieces are ready to be cataloged, priced and photographed. Each beautiful piece finds a place in our showcase where one lucky shopper will get the opportunity to take it home and enjoy it for many years to come.