On Aug 18, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

Ever wonder what style engagement ring you are meant to wear? Time to find out! Take the Joint Venture Jewelry Wedding Style Quiz: 

Which style were you lead to? Find out what each style means below, pictures included!

Classic Princess

Hello beautiful! Your engagement ring style is soft, subtle, timeless...

On Aug 04, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

Picture your jewelry box. Open it and you see beautiful Joint Venture Jewelry rings, necklaces, maybe some inherited bracelets and earrings… and then there's that brooch you never know what to do with. Well ladies, that gorgeous pin isn’t going to collect dust anymore! Pull it out and let me tell you some trendy ways to accessorize with it!

The Jean Brooch


On Jul 28, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

Whether for a birthday gift, push present, or just because, birthstones are highly sought after. Traditionally people think of birthstones as associating with a particular month, but today we thought we’d have a little fun and talk about birthstones according to your zodiac sign!


Stone: Aquamarine


On Jun 20, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

When styling customers at Peachy Keen, I love thinking about what jewelry from our Joint Venture Jewelry showcases would work with their clothing. Looking back on Aloha, Peachy Keen, I knew I could pair fine jewelry with the Summer trends for some truly stellar outfits! While I’m showcasing one outfit from each trend with one specific jewelry look, there are tons more options to play...

On May 18, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

The fabulous Jackie O. once said “Pearls are always appropriate.” This is the absolute truth when it comes to picking out jewelry for the day. These organic gems are unique and stunning, weather you’re wearing freshwater or saltwater. Yes, they are the birthstone of June, but how much more do you really know about these mysterious creations? We created a “...

On Apr 26, 2016, by Joint Venture Jewelry

On an April afternoon in 2015, with a strong thunder & lightening storm in the background, Jesse Nicholson got down on one knee and asked Karen Day to join him through life's adventures. Jesse, being sentimental and thoughtful, surprised Karen with a vintage engagement ring from Joint Venture Jewelry she had seen months ago and loved... and she said Y-E-S!