Comprehensive Jewelry Services in Cary, NC

When searching for a jewelry store in the Triangle, it’s important to find a good fit -- a place that has the expertise to accomplish your goals with people who are dedicated to you.  At Joint Venture Jewelry in Cary, NC, we put our clients first -- and, just because we’re a small, family-owned business doesn’t mean we can’t handle all of your unique jewelry needs. We strive to give customers the very best jewelry services available, including repair, design and more!

Raleigh/Cary, NC Jewelry Appraisal, Custom Jewelry Design, Repair & More

We are a full-service jewelry store, not just a consignment jewelry seller. Our Cary, NC jewelers pursue excellence in:

Additionally, we specialize in:

Jewelry Repair & Restoration

It’s your treasured piece -- bring it to those you can trust. At Joint Venture, we can repair and/or restore your jewelry quickly and with precision, so when it’s back in your hands, it will look better than ever. Our repairs include ring sizing, stone resetting, restorations and soldering (bracelets or chains).

Online Buying Assistance

Wonder if the stone you are ordering from someone else is the one you will get, or if it is as valuable as they say it is? We can help with an unbiased opinion you deserve by evaluating the stone you plan to purchase -- or, better yet, we’ll work together to see if the dealer can ship it directly to us. We charge $100 per stone for the consult, which can be applied to the formal insurance appraisal if you keep the purchase in question.


Jewelry appraisal is a critical, yet often overlooked piece of the jewelry buying process. Joint Venture can provide you comprehensive jewelry appraisals, along with caring consultations and advice from our experts. We can evaluate any piece for insurance purposes, estate planning and settlements, tax liability, divorce proceedings and more. Please contact us for pricing on this affordable jewelry service.


Ever say “I’ll wait until next month to buy this bracelet,” only to return to find that the piece has been sold? Joint Venture allows you to enjoy a new, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, necklace or other piece with our affordable jewelry layaway program. With a small down payment, our jewelers will hold your item as you make easy incremental payments over six month period, completely interest-free.

Trash-to-Treasure Program

This unique jewelry service typically comes into play when there is an inheritance or someone finds jewelry hidden in a shoebox for safekeeping. How can you tell if your grandmother’s “treasured ruby” isn’t just cut glass? The jewelers at Joint Venture are here to help! Relying upon our expertise and first-class instruments, we can find the good, valuable portions in each piece and help you go from there!

Contact Joint Venture Jewelry in Cary today for more information regarding any of our jewelry services. We proudly serve clients from Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Fayetteville and beyond!